The basic hotel amenities you need to procure from a one stop shop for hotel supplies in USA for your hotel

The basic hotel amenities you need to procure from a one stop shop for hotel supplies in USA for your hotel

Having the right kind of hotel supply is essential for a hospitality business’ success. Without proper services, a hotel business will never prosper and flourish. Being in the hotel business you probably know that. That is why having the right kind of amenities is important that will meet the requirements of the guests. A one stop shop for hotel supplies in USA can provide you with these amenities.

The main goal of running a hotel business is to make profits by satisfying the customers. This is why understanding the needs and requirements of the customers are extremely important. First you need to understand the demography that comes to your hotel and the demography you want to target for your hotel. Contemplate and understand what they are most in need of. 

Make sure you have ample amount of all the amenities stocked up because it is not excusable to not have supplies when the customers need it. Associate with a professional OS&E supplier for all your supply and amenity related needs.

The hotel amenities and supplies which are essential for customer satisfaction

There are some supplies that are vital for each and every customer – whether they are your target customers or not, these amenities should be provided to all. These essential amenities/ supplies are:

  • Your hotel rooms should have the necessary washroom supplies. There should towels, soaps, shampoos, brush, toothpaste etc. at every washroom. Also, there should be bathrobes as well for the customers.
  • Assuming your target population is businessmen, you should keep in mind what they are most in need of. Contact with a hotel technology supplier who will provide you with Wi-Fi and other important technological services.
  • The rooms should have aesthetically pleasing furniture like tables, chairs, beds, writing desks, dressing tables etc. The writing tables should have the necessary stationeries. Partner with a one stop shop for hotel supplies in USA for all these necessities.
  • For the businessmen, the rooms should be provided with cups, coffee machines, coffee beans/ powder, tea bags etc. So, you will need supply of these things as well. Some hotels go an extra mile and supplies salt, sugar, water heater and other amenities in every room.
  • You can also make the guest room more personalized for the businessmen with their own mini bar and bartenders. At the very least there should be a mini refrigerator along with soft drinks and alcoholic beverages within it. Buy all of these from a reliable supplier source.
  • The service of on-site parking can also help to boost the profitability of your hospitality business. If there are only a handful of public transports where hotel is located, then you should make sure you are providing parking for free. This will make your hotel feel more hospitable and aid in improving your brand image.
  • Also, the customers will feel appreciated if you look after the small details like having hangers, blow dryers, clean sheer curtains and blackout curtains, tapestries, ottomans, lamp shades, focus lights etc. You can procure them from a one stop shop for hotel supplies in USA.

Different types of hotel supply providers

To stock up your hotel supplies, you can communicate with a number of hotel amenity providers. Some of the main types of providers are:

  • Retailers: Retailers are those suppliers that buy goods and products from the wholesalers. After buying these products they sell it in smaller portions at a higher value to make a profit on the goods sold. They have a constant supply of goods so they can be a reliable source for your hotel’s supply. The retailers usually keep a large variety of products. So, you will get almost all the important supplies from the retailers.
  • Wholesalers: Usually the wholesalers buy goods in large amounts/ bulks and also sell them in bulks. They are involved in the hospitality supply business. They will supply their products to hotels. If you have to buy in bulks, you might consider buying from them.
  • Daily market: There will be a number of shops that will be run by stallholders. These stallholders will sell the products to make a profit. Usually, chefs of reputed hotels purchase food ingredients from the local markets to make certain of the quality and freshness. One of the cons of daily markets is that they do not deliver the goods and products to the hotels.

Based on your need hire the right supplier for the hotel.

Customers are the most important part of any businesses. Keeping them happy is the way to do business. All the demands that are feasible and plausible should be met with; otherwise, the guests might not get the experience they expected from your hotel. This can lead to negative reviews for your hotel. Hire a one stop shop for hotel supplies in USA that can provide your hotel’s daily/ monthly supplies on time and at a reasonable rate.