Know why you should invest in your hotel linen supply

Know why you should invest in your hotel linen supply

The hospitality industry is all about creating the right environment for your customers. When you make a client happy, they will likely come back and write positive reviews online. Also, they'll tell others about your business and won't mind paying some more money to stay in your hotel than your competitor. The more luxurious you advertise your hotel to be, the more comfortable your guests will expect from your rooms and suites. They will expect high-quality materials, an increased thread count, and extra amenities like robes.

Your hotel linen plays a difference between an exceptional guest experience and a forgettable one. Here we will highlight why you should invest in your hotel linen supply. When guests check into their rooms, they expect decked-out duvet covers, pillows, and a bed. As per a recent survey done in 2014, more than half of the guests said that they would pay more for a better bed. They believe that a comfortable bed is the top feature of a hotel room.

Eco-friendly linens can also give you the right to brag about the holistic approach your hotel provides to the customers. Linens that incorporate recycled polyester and other materials can be an eco-friendly option. Your hotel's linen supply should be good enough to withstand everything that your guests throw at them. It should be soft and comfortable. With proper maintenance and the right laundry solution, it is possible to invest in the best hotel linens. Contact Rapid Supplies to get discount hotel supplies in Miami.

Crisp and clean sheets and linens are something that many hotels take pride in. A quality sleeping experience can always make your stay memorable. It is important to ensure that sheets are being washed properly and not excessively. A hotel can extend the use of its laundry while reducing environmental and financial expenditures. It is important that hotels choose one-hundred percent organic cotton that is more durable and preferred by other customers. It should be recycled 2-4 times on average. Organic cotton can reduce GMG emissions, and landfill waste and at the same time save money and the planet. Come to Rapid Supplies to hire discount hotel supplies in Miami.

Non-organic cotton consumes up to 24 percent of the world's insecticides and 11 percent of pesticides. On the other hand, organic cotton is environmentally friendly and should be chosen whenever possible.

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