How Do Hotels Wash Their Comforters

How Do Hotels Wash Their Comforters

Have you ever wondered why hotel comforters always feel so fresh and fluffy? Like you're wrapped in a cloud of comfort? 

Well, you're not alone! Hotels put a lot of effort into ensuring their bedding is top-notch. Today, we'll dive into the secrets of how do hotels wash their comforters to maintain that luxurious feel. 

Let's find out! 

Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fresh and Fluffy?

Hotels pay extra attention to their comforters to make their bedding look luxurious and inviting. Here are the two most important factors to maintain its pristine appearance and plush feel 

Quality Matters 

Hotel comforters are a cut above the rest due to a combination of factors. 

They invest in high-quality bedding and source from reputable suppliers that offer premium products. One of the most trusted hotel bedding suppliers in the US is Rapid Hotel Supplies. 

You can choose from various hotel duvet covers and comforters to suit your hotel bedding. Rapid Supplies offer wholesale rates without compromising the quality. These comforters are made to fit the highest standards, resulting in a comfortable and plush experience for guests.

Regular Maintenance

Hotels also pay great attention to regular maintenance. 

Unlike our bedding at home, hotel comforters go through a rigorous cleaning schedule to keep them fresh and fluffy after every guest check-out. They also use high-quality fabric fresheners to give the comforters a delightful smell, adding to the overall guest experience.                                                   

Do Hotels Wash the Duvet Between Stays?

You might be wondering if hotels truly wash their duvets between guest stays, or do they just tidy them up a bit and place them back on the bed? 

The good news is that hotels do wash their comforters after each guest departs. 

This practice ensures that each new guest starts their stay with a clean and fresh bed, free from any unwanted traces of the previous visitor. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Wash Comforters 

Now that we know hotels take their comforter cleanliness seriously let's dive into their washing process. Here's a step-by-step guide to how hotels wash their comforters:

Step 1: Preparing the Comforter for Washing 

Before tossing the hotel duvet into the washing machine, hotel staff carefully shake off any dust, food particles, or debris that may have accumulated during the guest's stay. 

Additionally, they read the care labels to determine the appropriate washing and drying instructions for each comforter.

Step 2: Sorting By Material and Size 

Hotels deal with a variety of comforters, from different materials to various sizes. They carefully sort them into separate piles based on material and size to ensure the right treatment for each piece. 

What works for one type of fabric might damage the other. So, sort the comforters separately to avoid any permanent damage to your hotel duvet

Step 3: Special Attention to Stains and Spots 

Stubborn stains and spots are treated with special attention. Stains like wine, coffee, makeup spills, and oil take specialized products to get away. 

Hotel staff pre-treats these areas with good quality stain removers before washing to ensure their duvet covers come out as clean as possible. 

Step 4: Selecting Appropriate Detergents 

Using the right cleaning agents is crucial in preserving the comforter's quality and extending lifespan. Hotels choose detergents that are suitable for the specific materials of the comforters, avoiding harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric. 

Some detergents can also damage the filling of the duvet clever insert, making it stiff and uncomfortable. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your hotel bedding to avoid any mishaps. 

Step 5: Washing and Rinsing Cycles 

Hotels often opt for a double rinse cycle to make sure all the detergent is thoroughly washed away. It ensures maximum softness of duvet inserts and duvet covers for hotels

The water temperature is also carefully selected to avoid damaging delicate materials while guaranteeing effective cleaning. It is recommended to wash your comforter at a low heat setting to avoid clumping. 

However, make sure to go through its care instructions to understand the exact requirements of cleaning your comforter. 

Step 6: Ensuring Thorough Drying 

After washing, it is essential to take extra care to ensure the comforters are completely dry. Proper drying is a must to prevent any musty smell or mold and mildew growth.

Dry your comforter for at least 40 to 45 minutes to completely get rid of water. If possible, line dry your duvet cover insert under the direct sun to get rid of bacteria. 

Special Care for Delicate Fabrics and Intricate Designs

Since Hotel duvets are made of different fabrics and come with a variety of fill types, it is important to focus on their special care instructions. Keep these simple tips in mind to keep your comforters in optimal condition: 

  1. If your hotel duvet cover has a zipper closure, make sure it is zipped closed before washing to prevent snags.
  2. Comforters with fragile trims or beading should be hand washed or dry-cleaned to prevent damage.
  3. To protect silk comforters from dirt and stains, use a removable duvet cover.
  4. When washing silk comforters, use cold water and a silk-friendly detergent to preserve its softness.
  5. Refrain from using bleach on comforters with colored printed or embroidered details, as it can cause fading or discoloration.
  6. Regularly fluff and shake the comforter to prevent down clumping and maintain loftiness.


There you have it! The secret behind the fresh and fluffy comforters in hotels lies in their commitment to quality and regular maintenance. 

By carefully washing and maintaining the bedding between each guest's stay, hotels provide an exceptional sleeping experience that leaves guests feeling pampered and well-rested.

Next time you check into a hotel and sink into those pristine sheets, you'll know the magic that goes into keeping them so inviting. 

Now that you know how hotels wash their comforters, you can also keep the comforters at your home as fresh and soft as the ones you get in hotels.