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We are pleased to have you on www.rapidhotelsupplies.com; the website for Rapid Supplies.
Our Terms & Conditions combined with our Privacy Policy dictates the relationship between Rapid Supplies and you (as the user); and by logging on to our site, you are agreeing to confirm to these conditions of use.

Use of our website is conditioned by the following terms:

1) The content available on the website is strictly for generalized information & use; and shall be altered without any prior intimation.

2) Any information or material available on the website should be used at your own risk, since we shall not be held liable for it.

3) Use of this website or purchase of any product from this site is conditioned to you being at least 18 years of age.

4) You have agreed to be bound under the terms of our Privacy Policy by accessing and using our site.

5) You are prohibited from using any service marks, logos or trademarks available on the website without a written permission from the Provider, since they are the property of the Provider and other third parties involved. As all the content on the website is protected under Copyrights; you are also prohibited from copying, modifying, displaying, distributing, publishing, selling or using any content that this site offers. Unlawful use of the site will result in filed claim for damages or criminal offense.

6) The purchase refund shall easily be given within 30 days of purchase; and will only be subjected to a 20% restocking fee and any applicable shipping & handling charges. You can give us a call or contact us via email, to acquire a Return Authorization form, that qualifies you for a potential refund. The product will only be returned if the product is in new, salable condition and in its original packaging. Customized products, hazardous products and sterile products do not qualify for return. Shipment inspection will be your responsibility, and any damaged shipment should be notified within 24 hours via written notice, or you would lose the right to get a refund. Products with warranty will be replaced or repaired, based on their manufacturer’s warranty. The rights to exchange, refund or deny claims are reserved by us.

7) The accuracy of the submitted shipping information is entirely your responsibility, and the Provider shall not be liable for any charges or damages sustained due to the inaccurate shipping information. Since the shipping & delivery times are out of Provider’s control, the mentioned schedule on the website are estimations. The shipping charges might vary with respect to specific orders; and by confirming the order, you agree and acknowledge that any delays in the delivery shall not be Provider’s responsibility.

8) As some displays project more vibrant colors and inaccurate size depiction, Provider is not responsible for any potential discrepancies in size or color. The Provider has reserved the rights to make any substitutions for the offered products; and all the prices for the products can be changed without any prior notice.

9) The shipments being sent to the State of Texas shall be charged of sales taxes. With orders being sent to any other states, It shall be your responsibility to determine and remit the sales tax.

10) Products are sold over the website by the Provider in co-ordination with certain Third-Party suppliers, who might or might not use local operators & sub-contractors at their discretion. While the Provider makes sure to thoroughly select the Third-Party supplier, but has no control over it and definitely will not be responsible for any deeds or lapses committed by the Third Party supplier or sub-contractor. The offered products and services will be subjected to the laws of the country in which they are being delivered.

11) No user will be allowed to be disrespectful, vulgar or act illegally in any way. For such instances, Provider has the right to decline services, cancel your order, dismiss your account, or even file a complaint with the relevant authorities.

12) This website might contain links leading you to other websites with Third Party’s material, or even contain Third Party’s material via inverse hyperlinks; but Provider has no rights to modify, upgrade, or control that content/information. These offered links or material is in no way an authorization, sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation. It would certainly be risky to use or retrieve any such information found on this site; it is requested to understand these risks before you use or retrieve such information from a linked site.

13) The Provider shall not be accountable for: i) any statement or opinion available on the website, that does not come from the Provider. ii) any type of content that comes from the linked website. iii) any blog, article, post, that is published on the site. iv) any claims regarding products or services being offered on the linked website. With the exception of consumer protection law, under no scenario would the Provider be accountable for loss that occurs based on the content from the site or linked sites. You shall yourself be responsible for the assessment of authenticity of any product, service, opinion or statement taken from the site or linked sites.

14) All the available content, products and services on the site and linked sites are being offered “as it is”, free of any expressed or implied warranties. The Provider does not claim that this website, the server, or even the emails being sent through the site, would be free of viruses. The Provider shall not be responsible in any shape or form, for any sustained damage due to the use of this site. Some states have additional laws regarding the implied warranties; so if those laws do apply to you, the above stated disclaimers might not be for you, since have additional rights.

15) The websites and the linked sites along with it, might reflect some inaccuracies or typographical errors; the Provider categorically denies any liability for such discrepancies. The Provider is in no way obligated to update the content offered on the site; and hence, does not claim to have up-to-date and completed content. Provider is also entitled to alter the site’s content without any intimation, and even make variations to the site whenever deemed fit.

16) Miscalculations and incorrect prices, shipping or taxes are not Provider’s responsibility; but in such scenarios, Provider shall inform the customer and provide the corrected information. While customer has all the authority to cancel the order at any time before the shipping; but has to pay all the shipping and handling charges once the order has been shipped. Go through our return policy for further details.

17) In regards to any occurring violations of the mentioned terms and conditions, or any illegal activity while using the site from your account; you have agreed to not hold accountable and defend the Provider, its affiliates, owners, members, directors, employees, volunteers or even agents, of any incurred loss, damage or expenses.

18) Since you are responsible for your account and the maintenance of user name and password, you would solely be accountable for occurrence of any illegal or breaching activity in regards to your account. You are liable to inform the Provider of any unauthorized access to your account, but the Provider will not be responsible for any incurred damages.

19) If any dispute arises in regards to your use of the website, all such disputes shall be subjected to the laws of the State of Texas, USA. By getting access to our website, you have agreed that the locations and jurisdiction of all the occurring disputes between you and the Provider, shall only be catered in any Federal or State court located only in Harris County, Houston Texas.