Know why free Wi-Fi is the most important amenity in hotels

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During a recent research done by an organization, it was revealed that 90% of travelers listed WiFi as their top priority. On the other hand, a similar study came out where it was noted that Wi-Fi is unimportant, despite knowing the truth that one-third of leisure guests would not return if they get poor WiFi. While disagreement between hotel owners and consumer perceptions may continue, the hotel industry can't ignore the importance of WiFi. Free WiFi has gone from an additional feature to a necessity. It can destroy a hotel's brand and trust if delivered poorly.

The way the public uses the internet has changed a lot in the recent past. The importance of Internet resources in our daily lives has improved a lot. This has happened mainly due to smartphone technology. The flexibility has fueled the usage of streaming services and voice/video chat services such as Skype. It has increased the data demands of the average internet user both at home and on their trips.

Today, failure to have WiFi can lead to poor reviews and complaints. This will reduce retention rates and ruin a positive customer experience which can ultimately damage the bottom line of your business. WiFi access has become an in-demand amenity. When hotels cannot meet the expectations of customers, guests do not hesitate to use reviews to express their displeasure. Contact Rapid Hotel Supplies to hire hotels bedding bulk in USA.

When guests have access to free and fast WiFi, they can stay in touch with their families and friends. They can update their social media accounts with a photo or have a Skype call with their family free and fast internet will help them feel relaxed and satisfied. If you are ghosting business travelers, you cannot expect them to stay at your place for the night without the internet. The better and more accessible internet service is, the more time business travelers will spend utilizing everyone a hotel has to offer. Free and fast WiFi can enable guests to work from the hotel. It means they don't have to leave the hotel and spend money to work in a cafe. This way they can stay and work from their room, the hotel lobby, or the bar. Come to Rapid Hotel Supplies to get hotels bedding bulk in USA.

Guests can make the most of their holiday when they have free and fast Wifi. Visitors can use their devices to find out attractions like the nearby national park, book tickets to the theatre, and do some other jobs.

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